Services We Offer

Our IT Management Consulting services cover three broad areas:

IT Service Management

Service management ensures that IT aligns with your business requirements and that the right applications are available and meeting user needs. Using our process-driven approach and exclusive tools like PathFinder (see below), you can detect and resolve problems proactively. Our services consistently reduce incident volume by an average of 10 percent, and slash downtime of critical services by as much as 50 percent.

IT Governance

IT Governance is a critical component in improving IT management. It covers risk management as well as heightened accountability in decision-making. With Global Technology Experts, your governance will link IT more closely to corporate strategy by ensuring that IT investments generate business value.

IT Asset and Financial Management

We help companies reduce and control IT equipment costs dramatically. Many of our clients report substantial savings. Through standardization, proper documentation and loss detection, you can mitigate risk, improve your inventory control, and support strategic decision-making.

Tools to Align IT

You can strengthen your IT infrastructure and its connection to corporate strategy with Global Technology Experts's proven tools and process model.Using our web-based PathFinder application, in combination with our IT Process Model, you can demystify policy and process design – and devote more time to enterprise adoption.

IT Process Model

The IT Process Model is a best-practices starter kit that snaps into PathFinder at no additional charge. Easily integrating into most IT environments, it gives you the ultimate jump-start in process design and continuous improvement, and helps you:

  • Manage policy and process design
  • Frees you to focus on higher-stakes areas such as management commitment and cultural adoption
  • Support more than 20 core IT processes
  • Gain valuable guidance on how to govern, manage, control, operate and secure IT functions